Global Networking

Global Vision Children’s Network engages children, youth and families in a blend of cross-cultural activities, exercises and training to inspire, educate and promote cultural competence and diversity that impact healthy living, ethical culture, social justice and family values.

Youth Mentoring

Prominent among these complex social phenomena of attention are Bullying, Suicide thoughts, Sexual harassment, obesity, among others. It is believed that early discovery and treatment of these delinquent symptoms will promote ethical conduct and social justice and enhance an environment where children, youth and families can freely interact, socialize, and feel respected and protected among themselves.

Family Counsellor

GVCN focuses on building responsible and culturally informed children, youth and families with good integrity and sound knowledge of people, places and culture.

Children Empowerment

We provide training and educational activities that address common social vices, antisocial behaviors and other culture related issues such as bullying, sexual misconduct, child trafficking, drug/alcohol addiction, suicide thoughts, and obesity.

Barrier Breaking

GVCN engages our population of children, youth and family members in barrier breaking activities, exercises and training sessions that positively impact them with healthy living culture, ethical social conduct and family values.

Intervention Services

In collaboration with local organizations, agencies and community groups, we provide enlightenment and awareness intervention services that impact our population with ethical culture, healthy living, social life skills and family values.